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Prof. Sambhaji Soma Kadam

1932 - 1998

Born : 5th November 1932 Deogarh, Dist. Sindhudurg, Maharashtra State.

Passed away in15th May 1998 at Thane.

Education: Govt. Diploma in Drawing and Painting.  Sir. J. J. School of Art, Mumbai.1956

  • Appointed as Dean, Sir. J. J. School of Art, Mumbai - 1977
  • Voluntary retirement to devote fully to Painting, writing & music – 1980

Achievements :

  • The first prize in the Dolly Cursetjee competition-1956
  • Several prizes of Bombay Art society & Maharashtra State Art exhibitions.

Solo Shows:

  • Gallery ‘Oasis’ sponsored by Camlin Ltd. Mumbai. - 1969
  • (with jyotsna  Kadam) Chamarajendra academy of Fine Arts, Mysore. – 1985
  • (with jyotsna  Kadam) Chetana Art Gallery, Mumbai. – 1988
  • (with jyotsna  Kadam) Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. – 1997
  • Homage Show, Artist’s Centre, Mumbai. - 1999

Paintings in collection:

  • Nagpur Museum, Nagpur.
  • Govt. of Karnataka.
  • Larsen & Toubro.

Paintings in several other private collections in India & abroad.

Several Portrait Demonstrations and lectures about art at many important Art & Social Institutions across India.

Well-known Art Critic in Marathi as well as English. Numerous criticisms on visual art and Marathi literature are published.

Book of Poetry:

‘Palasban’ – Poetry book published by Mauj publication.

Achievements as an Aesthetician:

  • Theory of “ Comparative Aesthetics of Visual Art, Literature and Music.”
  • Series of twelve lectures in English on “ Comparative Aesthetics of All Arts” special consideration of visual Arts – Aesthetics Society, Mumbai.
  • Series of lectures of Aesthetics at Sir. J.J. School of Art, Mumbai & L.S. Raheja School of Art (formerly known as Bandra School of Art.) Mumbai. 1973- 1987
  • Series of special lectures of Aesthetics at Indira Kala sangeet Vishwavidyalay, Khairagarh, M.P. 1975,77,78

Seminars, Symposiums & papers.

  • “ Obscenity in art & literature”, (Marathi) Literary conference, Mumbai. 1968.
  • “ Formation of Aesthetic object”. (Marathi) Maharashtra sahitya Parishad, Pune. 1968.
  • “ Mardhekar’s  Aesthetics” (English) Aesthetics Society, Mumbai. 1967. And in marathi at Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangha, Mumbai.     1971.
  • “ Comparative Aesthetics of Music & Painting” Indira Kala sangeet Vishwavidyalay, Khairagarh, M.P. 1972.
  • “ The philosophical implications of the Tantra- oriented Art of Khajuraho”.(English)  Conference held at Khajuraho. 1979.
  • “ Sociological implications of the Art world in Maharashtra” (English). Seminar organized by Dept. of Sociology of Pune University,        1981.
  • “ Aesthetics of Visual Arts” (English)  Seminar at Panjim. Goa. 1977.
  • “ The Primitive attitude towards Life & Art” (English) Seminar at Khairagarh University, M.P. – 1978
  • “ Interpretation of Sanskrit Terminology of Art & Aesthetics” (English) Dept. Of Sanskrit & prakrit, Pune University. 1990.

Worked as a section Editor in Art, for Marathi encyclopedia “Vishwakosha”.

The Project of the “ Rapan” - autobiographical book of Prof. P.A. Dhond , Ex. Dea of Sir. J.J. School of Art, Mumbai. Published by Mauj Prakashan in Marathi.

List of Some of the important articles published and unpublished:

  • “Bhrata Doctorine of Rasa & Visual Arts”- Roopa-Bheda, 1974.
  • “Indianness in Indian Art”. Bombay Art Society, 1985-86.
  • “The Future of Art Education in India”. Khairagarh University, 1977.
  • “ The world in a frame”.
  • “ The problem of Anatomy of Art and Aesthetics”. 1975
  • “ Genre and Creative Painting”. Roop- Bheda. 1975.
  • “ A Bird’s eye- view of the Art world of Maharashtra”. 1989.
  • “Ek Shoonya Bajirao”. a critical essay on marathi play, 1966.
  • “Pablo Picasso” Satyakatha- 1973.
  • “ The Significance of Dalita literature in the line of thought of Rasa Sidhhanta” 1989.
  • “ The formalistic principle inherent in the Dhwani –Sidhhanta”- 1990.
  • “ Aesthetical Significance of Primitive & folk Art.”
  • “The problem of visual Expression of the Ragas in Indian Music” based on Raga –Mala paintings.

Palasban is a book of Poetries by Prof. Sambhaji Kadam

The book is Published by  Mauj Publication, Mumbai.

Currently the book is out of edition. 

You can download the Introduction of the book from following Links.