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Artist and art writer Jyotsna Kadam grew up with a deep admiration for the hills. As a young girl it was the Sahyadri ranges in the vicinity of Badlapur, the place of her birth and growing years that held her spell bound. ‘The Sahyadri hills were my muse’ avers the artist, ‘I was captivated by its varied manifestations with the shifting of seasons and was motivated to paint these transient moments’ she adds.

Jyotsna’s quests led her to paint the five elements of Nature, the panchatatvas, akash (sky )vayu (air), jal (water), agni (fire) and prithvi (earth). Her affinity with nature and its transformations remind one of the verses of the accomplished Marathi poet Baalkavi or the renowned English Lake poets like William Wordsworth or H.W. Longfellow, for whom the natural world- its various landscapes, changing seasons and surrounding phenomena have been recurring subjects. Jyotsna’s passion for rugged terrains such as mountains and valleys have spurred her to travel to the Himalayas, her current preoccupation. The treks to Leh, Ladakh and Spiti valley have been both inspirational and cathartic, broadening the artist’s painterly vision. She admits to have spent the most memorable moments of her life gazing at the Himalayas sans the cloaks of snow, soaking in the ephemeral light, stark colors and multifarious textures, returning, energized, to the humdrums of city life to translate the sublime experience onto the canvas.

Much like the French Post Impressionist Paul Cezanne who returned to his native region of Provence time and again to paint the leitmotif of the mountain and its rugged beauty from different points of view, Jyotsna turns towards the mountains, painting the sheer masculinity and loftiness of the terrain with jagged planes of grays, ochers, browns and shimmering whites. Verging on abstraction, Jyotsna’s works are an ode to the Himalayas, or devbhoomi as she poetically refers to them.

Dr. Manisha Patil

Professor, Art History                                                                                    

Art Historian and Artist

March 2017